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Drivers for Graphic Products DuraLabel Pro

If the cartridge seems to be in place, but the locking knob will not turn, the cartridge may need more pressure to fit down correctly. The roll of label stock should be centered on its spindle, and the material should unroll from the top of the roll. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward through the wide-open part of the printer, up past the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller.

Wipe down the white roller in the back of the system, and anywhere else that you can see dust or paper fibers collecting. Either there is no label stock loaded, or the printer is having trouble detecting the label stock. If the problem continues without anything coming out of the printer, please contact our support team for help. These are the advanced controls for your printer. Loading Supply in the Rhino Cold Laminator.

If the printer still does not respond, then continue to the next step. Open the locking knob, and re-lock it, listening for a click.

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You should hear a click from each side, near the green tabs, as the latches catch. Please contact your account manager to make sure that you are getting the right supplies.

That tells us which version of the printer you have. Double-click on the printer icon to open the Print Queueand look in the Printer menu in the top left for an option to Use Printer Offline. Make sure that the ribbon unrolls from the back of the source roller on the underside of the print carriage.

Frequently Asked Questions Find your printer. This may be caused by an incompatible ribbon, or by incorrect instructions that Toro is trying to follow.

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If the printer still does not respond normally, please contact our support team for help. Toro may print out the labels that you were waiting for, too. Please contact our support team for help. Look at the label stock that is loaded, in the back of the printer.

When you are ready to print, be sure to load the correct material in the correct orientation. This can happen by accident when supplies are changed, and is easy to resolve.

Most likely, we need to correct those instructions. After a short pause, you'll be returned to the main menu. Make sure the printing ribbon is passing above the black plastic ribbon sensor, and not blocking it from view.

Drivers for Graphic Products DuraLabel Pro

Check the Supply Loading Turn off the printer using the switch in the back, near the black power cord, and open the printer as if you were going to change the printing ribbon. Operate the manual cutter by pressing down firmly on the lighter-colored actuator.

If you are still unable to get the cartridge in properly, please contact our support team for help. If the same thing happens again, continue to the next step. Close the printer up again, turn it back on, and try printing once more.


It should unroll to feed beneath the white roller, and slide smoothly between the green guides as they hold it centered. The printer is not ready to print yet. If you have run out of label stock, load a new roll.

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If you see more than one entry for the same printer, or if you do not see any entry at all for the Lobo, stop, and contact our support team for help. Want to see what your labels will look like? If you are still unable to print after restarting your computer, please contact our support team for help. The most common cause for this is a simple mechanical issue, which can be fixed in a matter of seconds.