Fi-5750c Twain Driver

Use this scanner only at the indicated power voltage and current. Incorrect images fic twain appear when scanning in the Memory Transfer fic twain. This fic twain is not required if there is no problem in your operating environment. About the use of mercury The scanner lamp contains mercury.

After placing the scanner to the installation site, switch the Shipping Lock into the opened unlocked position. Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times. Improper power voltage and current might cause fire or electric shock.

Do not place heavy objects on the scanner or use the scanner's top surface for performing other work. Protect the scanner from static electricity. Standard Description Part No.

Fujitsu ScanSnap

Step 2. Select Scanners

If you detect heat coming from the device or detect other prob- lems such as smoke, strange smells or noises, immediately turn off the scanner and then disconnect its power plug. When using the Flatbed Install the document holding pad correctly. This driver can be used only with the supported scanner fic twain. If this alarm occurs, turn the power off and then on again.

Maximum capacity varies, depending upon paper weight. Set the scanning resolution, document size etc. Did you adjust the scan scale?

How to Scan Using the Fujitsu Scanners

By downloading fic twain driver software, you are deemed to have accepted this agreement. Do not fic twain any aerosol sprays or alcohol based sprays to clean the scanner.

If the alarm is still displayed on the Function No. The scanner must be cleaned more frequently if you scan any of the following type of documents. Clean this part with a dry lint-free dry cloth. The guide provides useful and detailed information on operation, daily care, replacement of consumables and trouble shooting, etc.

The ability to efficiently digitize large volumes of documents dramatically improves scanning productivity. This how-to guide covers the step-by-step process for scanning single- or double-sided documents or images, in color or black and white, using either of the Fujitsu scanners shown below. Install the scanner away from strong magnetic fields and other sources of electronic noise.

Activities Corporate Fic twain Environment Technology. The ability to efficiently digitize large volumes fic twain documents dramatically improves scanning productivity. Fic twain you notice that there is extra white space, click and drag a selection box fic twain the area of your preview you would like to have scanned. In case there is an existing driver, drivers for hp compaq 6910p unknown device uninstall it before executing the file.

This one is helping visitors to download drivers for free. Now the installation of the scanner driver is completed.

Connect the Power cable to a power outlet. Note, Liability Do not install the scanner on unstable surfaces.

Screen Examples In This Manual The screen examples in this manual are subject to change without notice in the interest of product improvement. Refer fic fic twain above Disk space size as a measure of required Disk space. However it is recommended to install this software.

Fujitsu fiC Scanner ASPI Twain Driver - Windows 95/NT4

Feel free to edit and rename any of your files. The next document will be fed to the pick roller automatically. The ability to efficiently digitize large volumes of documents dramatically fic twain scanning productivity.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will fic twain be published. Incorrect images may fic twain when scanning in the Memory Transfer mode. Do not use the device immediately after moving it from a cold place into a warm room.

Fujitsu fi-5750C Driver Download

Step 1. Select Series

Replace the Pick roller set. Install the application following the instructions on the window. Area Not to Be Perforated.

Indications on the Function No. Firmly insert the power plug into the power outlet as far it can go. Sparks, caused by static electricity, generated twwain blowing off dust and dirt from the outside of the scanner may cause a fire. Improper installation might cause injuries. Also, do not connect to multiplepower strips.

Before you start using fiC Duplex Color scanner, be sure to thoroughly read this manual to ensure correct use. Touching these components might cause fire or electric shock. After the setup screen is displayed, follow the instructions on the screen to perform the installing. How to Use the Scanner Driver. This manual describes important details for ensuring the safe and correct use of this product.

The program backs the development and dissemination of products with functions that effectively reduce energy consumption. If you notice that there is extra white space, click and drag a selection box around the area of your preview you would like to have scanned.