Dell Sk 8135 Keyboard Driver For Windows

If the shift key was remapped already it would show in the list. Remapping the right ctrl and application key to page up and page down works fine. Works like a charm with Vista. The memory requirements of the. Hi, Sharpkeys works great.

Perhaps is somewhere in unknown key? Randy, Could you please explain why you coded your Sharpkeys requiring.

Well, further investigations using more tools. Great program otherwise though. Are Administrator privileges required for writing the keys? Although I am sure that there are thousands if not even millions of systems with. Reboot and nothing was changed.

Another question if you please. And this computer is only a couple of weeks old.

Net app only uses a subset of the. Is SharpKeys reading the ScanCode of the key being typed corectly? Has anyone ever had this issue before?

Net runtime environment without the bloat? Hi, Did anyone get it to work with a dvorak layout? While the web is awash with tricks and tools, none of them seem to work for me. But it seems a logical use. Which means that I am constantly turning on the cap lock by mistake.

Dell sk 8135 keyboard driver for windows

Further, what ya see is what ya get in this case. In a first time, thank you for your software SharpKeys.

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Net environment makes programming easier but at such a tremendous cost. Could I use the value provided by sharp keys to edit the registry appropriately? Please check the SharpKeys website for an updated release. Click Stop when you are done and inspect the key info in the list.

SharpKeys 2.1.1

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Will your SharpKey app do that? Now the big blue ThinkVantage button does nothing. It would be nice if SharpKeys had the ability to type in a code that is not in the list. Take a look at AutoHotKeys for macro type functions. That could factor into it as well.

Also, are you running with an account that has Administrator permissions? But I just need that two more keys. Everything around them works fine. Net runtime environment would be appreciated.

Dell sk 8135 keyboard driver for windows

What I said was it lulled me into assuming that you would protect the posters as well and not publish addresses. Picky, I know, but it would be nice if your postings had the most recent entries at the top instead of at the bottom. That is, while typing, the left control key still acts like capslock.

Your app does not support some buttons on this keyboard. SharpKeys is a Registry hack that is used to make certain keys on a keyboard act like other keys. Is there way to use SharpKeys to remap the right mouse button to a keyboard button, photosmart d5160 driver for use on one-button MacBooks running Windows? The Boot Camp driver is for running Windows on Mac hardware.

Should I reinstall a generic keyboard driver instead? But again, with the Boot Camp driver, this would be a moot issue. However, I have been a user of windows, not a programmer of windows. Any way to find out what intercepts there are? You should note that the codes need to be reversed in the registry.

Net environment is installed, only taking up disk space until it is loaded when a. This is one of the ultra-flat keyboard models from Logitech and it has a usb connector. The remapping worked fine but a couple of the windows system shortcut behaviours seem to have changed. Could you point me in the right direction, please? Is there anyway you can help me with that?