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You can easily reference this part number as a valid replacement part for your ordered item at any of the manufacturer websites. Disconnecting the Belkin Thunderbolt dock not only stopped Windows from crashing, but now I can enable Crossfire, as well!

AMD Crossfire Boot Camp and the new Mac - Apple CommunityAti drivers

This image only consists of simple geometric shapes or text. Ken Machacek Ken Machacek. If you have a question or knowledge to share with the community, we want to hear from you. Turns out the culprit was my Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock.

But disconnecting the dock from my Mac Pro has solved not just one but all of my Boot Camp issues. Information Technology portal Technology portal.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For detailled information on ati crossfire benchmark results, click on the fps number.


You can select more than one device. But I'd like to take full advantage of the dual graphics cards in the new Mac Pro with Crossfire. Looking for a large quantity? Digitalclips Digitalclips. After clicking enable the check box appears checked but the button doesn't show until a reboot.

Communities Contact Support. Oh, and Skyrim even with a bunch of visual mods runs incredibly well at Ultra settings, full resolution under Boot Camp, if anyone was curious. Please note that most of the major manufacturers e. This work includes material that may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions.

It also was supported by fewer software packages. Interestingly, once I'd done this, after I shutdown again, reattached my second monitor and the other thunderbolt devices, and started up again, I found that CrossFire was still enabled. This allows buyers who have varying budgets over time to purchase different cards and still get the benefits of increased performance. This issue is probably isolated to using it in Boot Camp with the new Mac Pro.


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Most laptops will support up to three screens simultaneously one internal and two external. The solution was to shutdown, unplug every thunderbolt connection except for a single monitor and the external drive, and start up again into Windows. This guys voice will drive you nuts but otherwise it's a very good run through.

Although it is free of copyright restrictions, this image may still be subject to other restrictions. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. This ati crossfire buyers who have varying budgets over time to purchase different cards and still get the benefits of increased performance. The crosssfire also enables ati crossfire to get essentially the same performance out of two mid-range graphics cards that you would get out of one high-end card.

For other uses, see Crossfire disambiguation. Please call at and one of our representative will be happy to assist you. That's what is supposed to happen.


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Is Crossfire only available for use with a Thunderbolt Display attached? Consumer Electronics Hard Drives.

But Windows started crashing massively. For clarifying purposes, what exactly happened. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. All replies Drop Down menu.

Could that be the problem? As soon as I hit Apply, it immediately disabled.

AMD Crossfire Boot Camp and the new Mac - Apple Community