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Safety Information Protection Limits defined in uct. Cable shields should be earth ground referenced. With reference to the lent A Test Lead Set, described below.

The store function in the utility menu must be enabled On before you can store states. The measurement algorithm used in the A multimeter is not inherently sensitive to crest factor, so no such derating is necessary. You can search the DoC by its product model or description. Include the model number and full serial number.

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The output value measured from the source can be entered into the instrument as the target calibration value. Make sure to quit the Adjustment Mode then turn off the instrument. Pull from a corner and stretch the bumpers off the instrument. This configuration is recommended for optimal noises and settling time performance during calibration.

Making Measurements The following pages show how to make measurement connections and how to select measurement functions from the front panel for each of the measurement functions. Is the multimeter inoperative? Leave the current inputs open.

Always refer to Agilent Web site for the latest revision. Using a flat blade screwdriver, gently pry up on the circuit board tab shown below and slide the board to disengage from the tabs. In most cases, easycoder 501xp driver neither method measures the capacitor at its exact frequency of application. Diode test function selected. Software Bus Triggering The bus trigger mode is available from the remote interface only.

Calibration Security The security code can only be changed from the remote interface after the instrument has been unsecured. Only the following section. Refer to the A Programmer's Reference online help for remote interface commands. Always complete tests in the same order as shown in the appropriate table. Lift the keyboard and display assembly from the plastic housing.

Capacitance Measurements kHz. The secondary display shows the calibration count. Gently move the power switch push rod toward the front of the instrument to disengage it from the switch. Limit Limit math feature enabled Null Null math feature enabled. Limit The secondary display shows the present reading.

Driver Specifications

The first character must be a letter. Be careful not to twist or bend the push rod. Shift Shift key has been pressed. Noise Rejection You should be especially careful when working near conductors carrying large currents.

For the best accuracy, take a zero null measurement with open probes, to null out the test lead capacitance, before connecting the probes across the capacitor to be measured. Also connect the multimeter and device under test to the same electrical outlet whenever possible. Should Stevens Creek Blvd. Dc Voltage Gain Adjustment Procedure Check the input value, range, function, and entered adjustment value to correct the problem and repeat the adjustment step.

Connecting Power to the Multimeter Connect the power cord and press the Power switch to turn on the multimeter. If you determine that the fuse is faulty, replace it with one of the same size and rating. Accuracy Specifications This is a common temperature range for many operating environments.

Ohms Gain Adjustment Procedure Check the input value, range, function, and entered adjustment value to correct the problem and repeat the adjustment step. Page Specifications These specifications apply when using the A multimeter in an environment that is free of electromagnetic interference and electrostatic charge. Gain Adjustments Most measuring functions and ranges have gain adjustment procedures.

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Then, rotate the handle to the desired position. Page Disassembly and Repair a The rubber keypad can now be pulled from the plastic housing. Hold Reading hold function enabled. Continuity test function selected.

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