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The high leakage inductance in my transformer is likely the main contributor to the lower efficiency at small output currents. That's a bit close for comfort, but it is what I used in the examples that follow. Finally this last photo, below, shows the unit in operation with my one-tube superhet receiver. This was done using an extremely simple box shaped jig built on a piece of scrap plywood.

Similar to Nixie tubes, there are neon bulbs that operate at a similar voltage with a similar color output. For the second and third copies of this clock, I milled two more enclosures out of a solid block of acrylic, along with a copper base for weight and aesthetics. They ignite at V, slightly varying by type.

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Additional margin should also be added to the peak values to account for parasitics. The ringing is very obvious, but it does not have any apparent impact on the Nixie voltage. This ringing is especially problematic in flyback transformers due to the leakage inductance between the transformer windings.

Nixie Driver Electronic Components

Now, the idea is to build a boost converter and not a flyback one. This chip was relatively inexpensive, and available in small quantities from suppliers such as Digi-Key. Finally, the delay between the rising edge of each output can be individually configured. For the first iteration of the case, I wanted to go all out and make a really nice stainless steel enclosure for the clock. If you're serious about developing switchmode power converters, you definitely need to get an oscilloscope so that you can see these effects for yourself.

A Simple Nixie Display Driver

High and low voltage traces were also isolated as much as possible give the physical constraints of the board. These are better for low output current applications where switching losses tends to dominate. Due to the light emitting nature of these tubes, capturing the full dynamic range of the tubes is very difficult.

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The neonixie-l google group is also an excellent resource with a large number of knowledgeable folks and active projects on it. Where L is the inductance of the primary coil of the transformer for a flyback circuit and. Where V zener is the Zener diode breakdown voltage, V F is the voltage drop across the clamp diode and V D is the voltage drop across the output rectifier diode.

The last component of this project involves the case or enclosure around the bottom half of the Nixie tube clock. Because the current in the inductor never reaches zero, residual energy remains in the inductor at the end of each switching cycle.

Note that the power supply is external. Fortunately, there is a way to work around the high voltage requirement. The other half of driving the outputs is the high voltage transistors.

In a flyback topology, the input current is discontinuous so more capacitance is typically needed. But I still can't figure out where the mA drawn from the input is going when there isn't a load.

Onno's Electronics Page A bit of electronic stuff from the past century. How it works A nixie tube is a gas discharge device. This is easily done by decreasing the modulation frequency, but comes at the cost of visible flickering. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. The feedback voltage dividers certainly don't draw anywhere near that much.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This means that the change in duty cycle as the ouptut voltage rises is much less than you might otherwise think. The source code listing for this project is here. However, because of the way the is constructed, this also reduces the lower switching threshold by a proportional amount. Instead, an analog power supply with a normal transformer was constructed and mounted in-line in the power cord, much like a laptop computer power supply.

Nixie DriverA Simple Nixie Display Driver

Nixie Driver Electronic Components

So how do you multiplex nixie tubes? These chips operate as current-sink drivers, sitting between the tube cathode pins and ground. Plasma display driver circuits intended for flat-screen computer displays tend to have a large number of outputs and very compact packages. So your realistic options all take up more board space than the good old nixie driver decoders. In practice, however, there are two circumstances that reduce the voltage you have to switch.

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Details of such issues are left out of this writeup, but can be found in resources listed at the start of this section. Email Required, but never shown. You may however pick anything you like from this page if you quote the original source. Multiplexing is nothing new. The advantage of multiplexing is that you need fewer decoders and less wiring.

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The page gives an explanation of the circuit as a project to power up nixies. Nixie tubes are available in effectively two orientations, dell 910 treiber herunterladen side view eg.