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Safe load for Beartooth 525g. pile driver 45-70

Good luck and good hunting! And lastly, it may provide an additional layer of peace of mind since I hunt in grizzly country. When the chamber pressure rises, the bolt thrust pushes back on the lug which is bearing against the receiver, stretching the sides of the receiver back.

Originally Posted by dsv I just received my first box of pile drivers. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

These did not group well, but it could have been me as they kick like the preverbal mule. It is suitable specifically for both Winchester and Browning and rifles and carbines, Ruger No. The game that you shoot with those. The crony indicated an average velocity of fps.

Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets

If you keep extras in the tube the recoil of the fired round may push the bullet deeper into the case resulting in higher pressures. The ones I ordered were sized. This data should never be used in antique rifles or those models other than specifically listed above. Ill take my chances with a. Deer, black bear, and pigs will fall just fine with what you have and elk will too as long as they are within range and you do your part.

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No, create an account now. Leave it there unless you see results to the contrary on your chronograph. It will default to the start pressure. Is there a load that I could use in my Uberti high wall? Click on the options and select to setup long barrel friction for the big bore straight wall case chamberings.

With a meplat that big you start to get into wadcutter territory. This charge has been tested in numerous rifles and hand guns with great results. The program was developed with bottleneck rifle cases, though, and is not as good with straight wall cases.

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If feeding is assured with it from inception of the project, other bullets having less aggressive nose shapes will automatically feed without issue. Matt Zietlow, was the first to beta-test this bullet, and incidentally the first to make a big-game harvest with this projectile. Needless to say this was not a choice load for this rifle. Remember with hard cast to aim for bone where you will get the most damage and incapacitation. Mic did a full blown rebuild on that rifle so we could use the cast perf.

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Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets. When the Pile-Driver was noticed, taylormade 320 driver Tim and Lou cringed at the thought of shooting it. As another example I loaded some g piledriverJr rounds to various steps and chronoed the results. So Dakota Beartooth Regular.


Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets - Paco Kelly s

Don't let them bring it to you. Only pressure equipment for each gun will inform you of the pressures in that gun. It also thinks the pressure would be way high. Blackpowder Cartridge Shooting and Loading.

MistaSpakuru, I wish I has spotted your posts earlier. Paul Jones made a custom mould for me last year with a. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Com General Discussions Forum.

You have a couple of issues. Let's just say there would be absolutely no flinch factor with this particular load. You want to know why you sometimes have to wait for Beartooth bullets? Unfortunately it turned out to be a compressed load so I am a bit apprehensive in using it until someone would be kind of enough to tell if it is safe for the gun I am using.

Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets - Paco Kelly sBeartooth Bullets Open Sight Pile Driver

Leverguns and Their Cartridges General. The rifle with dummy rounds and several bullets is with my gun maker as of this afternoon. That bullet would not negotiate the mag.

It's a real-world issue as each manufacturer's case has a different volume, and the same charge will produce different pressures. UncleNick, Thank you for your excellent reply. But even with those considerations This causes a corrective effect. The locking lug is at the rear of the bolt.

As a result, you see more case volume expansion with a lever gun during firing than with a bolt gun. Also from a Beartooth Bullets customer and ShootersForum.