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Selectable Peaking The Peaking function can help operators to adjust the camera's focus more accurately by altering the way pictures are displayed on tviewfinder. Non-compressed video and two channels of audio can be output. Continuous Operating Time.

Info about driver kmex k pixles ma. It is safe, uploaded from secure source and passed F-Secure virus scan! Expanded Focus At the touch of a button, the center of the screen on the viewfinder can be magnified to about twice normal size, making it easier to confirm focus settings during manual focusing. Primeiro vc tem de ver se tem driver para o modelo da sua webcam.

Users can select the four values cyclically, or choose one preset value. Quinton shoehorns bad taste, its incitante dings. This makes it possible to greatly reduce power consumption of the camcorder. When the elbow block is opened up, the screen can be monitored directly, while menu setting and thumbnails are easily accessed using switches on the inside panel. Using this function, images for pre-determined frames are recorded every time the Record button is pressed.

The lens is equipped with two independent focus wheel mechanisms, which can be switched by sliding the focus ring itself back and forth. These are located adjacent to the focus ring, in the same layout as is common on shoulder-type camcorders. This is useful when a sudden change occurs during shooting, and a quick and direct setting is required. Cache Recording Function Once enabled, Cache Recording continuously streams audio and video through the camcorder's internal memory. This function is useful when recording outside for long periods, and the lighting changes gradually over time.


The Slow Shutter function not only increases camera sensitivity but also produces a special blurring effect when shooting a moving object, for enhanced shooting creativity. Overview Features Specifications Resources Accessories. Operators can select the best-suited preset gamma curve, depending on scenes. This gives users greater operational efficiency.

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Procuro um driver para a webcam kmex k imex para o Windows Kmex k pixels. Supplied Accessories Supplied Accessories.

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Theosophical Roderic gleefully beating mazing. Driver compatible with drive web kmex k pixels kmex k. When the focus ring is in the front position, the lens works in the same way as a typical auto focus lens on a handheld camcorder. Procuro um driver para a webcam kmex k pixels para o Windows Kmex k pixels.

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SxS memory cards can used for sharing settings between camcorders. When the switch is released, the center of the screen goes back to normal size. This is particularly useful when the camera is docked with a different lens or camera adaptor. Unlike lens extenders, the Digital Extender function performs this doubling without any loss of image sensitivity, often referred to as the F-drop phenomenon.

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Effective Picture Elements. The viewfinder can also be used to instantly review recorded footage, as well as access the camera's set-up menus, view thumbnails, and display status indications. The position of the shoulder pad can be adjusted forwards or backwards to provide optimal weight balance. Each channel level can be controlled by an independent individual level controller.


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SxS memory cards can be used for storing and loading scene files. This enables proper exposure control of iris, gain and gamma. Ela tem o nome de Robot Cam. Image Inversion is the function that normalises the image by reverse scanning.

No tools are required for this adjustment, which is particularly useful when the camera is being used with different lenses or other accessories. This is useful when a waveform monitor is not available for shooting. In addition to six types of standard gamma curves, there are four types of Hyper Gamma which are identical to those on high-end CineAlta camcorders.

This is convenient for shooting over long periods of time, and also when creating pictures with special effects of extremely quick motion. This is useful if you want to quickly search for a particular scene within a lengthy clip.

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