2006 Callaway X460 Driver

Add to that a thin, milled face that's robotically plasma-welded to the body, and even more weight is saved and moved to the basement. All handicaps will benefit. Are they worth the extra cost? Adjustable-weight technology lets golfers adapt to varying course conditions, as well as compensate for flaws in the swing. The R's shallow face didn't work for me.

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The X does have a new sole dubbed the Consistent Alignment Sole. So, other than the paint job, how can you judge one model from the next? When struck well I get a good ball flight and good balance between distance and accuracy.

And did not take long to go to Dicks for a driver. This closed face keep playing tricks with my eyes and mind but eventually I stopped trusting and using the sole to line up the club.

Paired with the Tour Tiger's version, the SasQuatch aptly fits all. But because titanium is so strong, it can be forged into an extremely thin but resilient section that manufacturers generally attach to the cast titanium body. Players report that when struck properly, the Callaway X has a solid feel at impact, gives the ball a nice trajectory, and strikes the right balance between raw distance and accuracy. The club it replaced, a Taylor Made I hit further for sure. This is a high-performance machine, but would do best in the hands of at least a mid-handicapper, as it's meant for faster swings.

This driver is the go-to club for equipment purists who crave more yardage. Players Series woods also available. Must be an exchange for a club.

So far, the club has delivered mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance. Had I figured out the tee height problem sooner I would have bettered my best round by a wide margin. So in my conclusion, X is not easy to use. An argon-quenched, beta-titanium, laser-welded face that increases ball speed.

Callaway X460 Driver Review

Callaway X460 or X460 Tour Driver

This redistribution of mass promotes high-trajectory, low-spinning shots. No, create an account now. Sits square, pretty, and easy on the eyes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Affordable, adjustable-weight driver with the advantages of a carbon crown technology.

No problems swicthing for Callaways x driver nine degree. Most golfers would consider this a good purchase, especially now that the club is a few years old and the price will probably be substantially discounted from the original cost. Search tags for this page. With TaylorMade's Inverted Cone leading the way, face technology from the elite clubmakers is giving your swing more than it deserves. Just bought my X and have not made it to to a golf course yet and after a few balls on the driving range I now have a rattle.

Callaway X Driver Review and a Few Tips

So what could Callaway possibly do to improve on the already popular and, more importantly, does the X pass the grade? This Callaway club has added yards to my drives. In general, though, epson 4990 scanner drivers Callaway clubs deliver consistently high performance if you can afford them.

My partners who use all-titanium drivers could quickly recognize when the ball was struck well. On the back nine I decided to tee the ball differently. Based on their own testing, engineers will position weight to help increase the Moment of Inertia to get the right balance of performance and forgiveness.

Its cc clubhead size is right at the current maximum, so no one can claim it's an undersized driver. The X driver features a squared face, the F is geared for a slight draw-bias, and the M has offset to counteract a slice.

He could not believe how long and straight it drives. It is not just when I hit a ball though it is all the time as if something is broken off inside the club head. Two sets of weights can be interchanged to adjust trajectory and sidespin.

But, the X is long and in the fairway. The carbon crown displaces weight toward the heel and sole for forgiveness. We have our preferences, too. Sounds like you have gone ahead and purchased one of the surprise drivers of the year. It comes with a Fuji Tour platform as standard which in this head performs brilliantly, it's a nice mid kick shaft that sends the ball on a mid to high trajectory that I like.

Callaway X460 Tour Driver

Played my X today for the first time. The clean and pure aesthetics.

Almost all drivers are available with custom shaft options, however. Regardless of skill level, this club performs surprisingly well and it's a riot to hit. Its a very straight club but its seems like my distance was lacking and my ball just kind of floated with a soft landing. Eight grams of weight are repositioned low and away from the face to help promote a high-launch, low-spin ballflight. However, it is a hell of a lot more forgiving.