12at7 Reverb Driver

12AT7 Tube Review

If so, read more about the cap in the next bullet point. For all International Orders we ask that you please contact us by email or phone for a Custom Shipping Quote and if the product is available to be shipped to your area.

Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs. It has a nice rich full tone with great definition, punchy bottom and smooth treble. Do you already have an account?

This seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation. We assure you that every item that we ship will be packed with the utmost care from our years of experience. They seemed to have a wider dynamic frequency response as well.

If this does not help one can change a resistor value to increase the strength of the tremolo. It quieted the background hiss down quite a bit, but there's still a bit of hiss when I engage the reverb. Yes, that's correct Do not update.

Reverb driver - 12AT7 12AX7 12AU7

Please contact them to ask about shipping or change your shipping region. Just to see if it would help that hiss issue? It does have a bit more fatness and a bit less harshness than the above tubes but lacks real warmth and definition. The tubes at the other end of this list tended to have smaller plates.

This tube does make a good reverb driver where tone is less important than ruggedness. There are speakers like the Eminence Ramrod that Excels with screaming, distorting amps. You would hear that as reduced hiss. Note - because of the large plate structure, documate 3220 driver for windows 7 this tube tends to be too microphonic to be useful as a preamp tube.

There is only one tube for reverb. They're fairly cheap on eBay.


It's a good choice when low price is of high importance. Odd, but, they had reason. These tubes have lower voltage gain and different frequency responses, particurlarly when distorting.

Deals completed off of Reverb do not qualify for Reverb Protection. The reverb pans listed below have insulated inputs. It's best utilized as a phase inverter or reverb driver. The plate voltage is way too high for it in the driver position.

It will probably make it worse. Accepted Payment Methods Credit Card.


They do have some vintage vibes and a nice musical voice. Thay seem to work fine just have to turn the reverb up a bit more to get the same reverb out of it.

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An open foot switch off puts the oscillator grid at volts which shuts down the oscillator by stopping all flow through the triode. All items shipped from our store include shipping insurance. It sounds very similar to the Tung-Sol but with slightly better note definition.

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One can use K or even lower, K. Aside from the load on the tube, it will overdrive the reverb section.

The triode halves sound really good as well, definitely a worthwhile setup! Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. Used Tubes Used tubes sold by tube dealers and private individuals are another good source of vintage tubes. No, create an account now.